Our Mission

The Illinois Asset Building Group (IABG) is a statewide coalition committed to expanding access to the tools families need to build financially secure futures. We advocate for policy and program solutions that address the growing racial wealth gap, and we provide technical assistance to help organizations across Illinois build and strengthen their financial empowerment programs.

Our Partners

IABG partners are community leaders, service providers, researchers, advocates, and financial institutions committed to promoting solutions to the racial wealth gap and expanding savings opportunities for Illinois families. Check out our list of partners & learn more about the benefits and opportunities of becoming a partner.

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Meet Our Team

Jody Blaylock

Senior Policy Associate

Lucy Mullany

Senior Project Manager

Steering Committee

Casandra Slade

Senior Vice President - Community Development

Wintrust Financial Corporation

Dave Lowitzki


Lowitzki Consulting

Dory Rand


Woodstock Institute

Rosazlia Grillier

Parent Leader

Representing POWER-PAC

Rosalva Nava

Parent Leader

Representing POWER-PAC

Ellen Schumer

Executive Director


David Marzahl

President & CEO

Center for Economic Progress